A brief introduction to Marga Dijkman in New Attitude

Hi, I´m Marga, an Executive Coach, Speaker, Coach-Trainer/ NLP & Neuro-Semantics trainer, and Mentor at New Attitude AS (Ltd)
I live and work in both Norway🇳🇴 and Ireland🇮🇪

I synergize business and universal life principles, and show people how to get the best results in life and business by merging awesome frameworks and tools for Leadership, Organisations and Teams , with NLP, Neuro-Science, Quantum Physics, Neuro-Semantics and overarching spiritual principles/universal laws.

My clients learn to balance, thrive and Quantum Leap their results in their personal life, professional life, spiritual life and physical life. They are all linked together.

Redesigning the Human Operating System

I specialize in revealing the limiting beliefs and subconscious mental constructions that dictate and shape our behavior, thoughts and feelings. And therefore our health, relationships, success and performance. All our RESULTS in life can be seen as a products of these constructs.

So I help people step out of those constructs, so they can CHOOSE and REDESIGN their mind so it serves them better.

In a way you can say I  help people change their human operating system, so they can experience true FREEDOM, by tapping into the core of who they really are, and CREATE the REALITY and life they want to experience.

I show people how they can SOAR FREELY.

 And I teach and train professional coaches how to do the same for their clients.

Book a discovery call or email me if it’s about time you break free and step into the power of who you really are, and you’re tired and frustrated of not performing on the level you truly know you are capable of.

Everything I do is connected to my Mission – doing my part of seeing this happening

I help individuals and business to SOAR in all the ways I can think of, tailoring & packaging the messages, trainings and solutions all so differently depending on the audience, because I firmly believe in the words I heard my self say out loud many years ago;

“What needs to happen is this; mankind, people and companies need to come alive to other peoples humanity. We need sustainability in the way companies and businesses operate in this world. We need sustainability in the way people are lead and customers are treated, and how suppliers are regarded.

We need sustainability in the way companies are aware of the effect they have on the community around them. We are all just people and human beings. And if this planet is going to be a better and safer place for all of us, and if Mother Earth is still going to nurture us, we need to change.

We need to figure out how to let love and compassion flow through the way we run businesses, people and ourselves.”

Marga Dijkman

Therefore I have 15 years of experience in developing organisations, teams and individuals, with a special focus on the interpersonal dimension through Leadership Development, Communication, Self-Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration and Conflict Resolution. Also Strategic Leadership Development to support Company strategies.

I would love to help you or your business Quantum Leap your results in life.

I´m here to serve and be of value, so feel free to book a discovery call with me, and let’s have a chat about how I can help you achieve the results you are looking for. If I’m not the perfect match for you, I will point you in the direction of someone I think might be.

How can you work with me? – mostly online

  • 1-1 coaching processes for 4-6 months, Quantum Leap your Life and Results
  • Group coaching and training with Quantum Leap your Transformation into Flow for 12 weeks
  • Book me in as an Executive Coach and Senior Consultant to help you Quantum Leap your Business with Leadership Development programs
  • Partner up with me an hire me for delivering outstanding and remarkable coach-trainings, like various NLP and Neuro-Semantics trainings or The Quantum Leap Coach System

I do most business, coaching and seminars online, but I do physical events with Corporate Clients or Coach-Trainings from time to time.

Background and a few certifications

20 years of experience in developing Training Portfolios, Programs and Seminars.

12 years of Professional and Personal Coaching

6 years of training, educating, certifying and mentoring professional coaches.

For Corporate Clients the 4MAT Certification with test tools used to guide good work processes, create an understanding of and flexibility for differences, and with my certification as an Arbinger Organizational Facilitator, I have access to a structured framework for effective interaction and self-leadership for better results and collaboration across siloes.

I’ve been a Certified NLP & Neuro- Semantics trainer, delivering leadership- and coach-related trainings to various professional leadership- and coaching institutions for 6 years. Like at BI Norwegian Business School and at CoachTeam-House of Leadership. Now I’m freelance, delivering coach-related trainings to various professional leadership- and coaching schools.

As well I´m a Benchmarker, Mentor and Coach Certifier for the Norwegian Coaching Association.

Feel free to connect with me and read more about the formal stuff on my LinkedIN profile.

I´ve worked alongside Femke Mortimore with the Quantum Leap Coach System Trainings in Norway for years, and I truly love our programs and the results the clients gets trough the Quantum Leap Coach Academy. I’m a certified Quantum Leap Coach System trainer, and teaches two programs in Norwegian and English; Quantum Leap your Transformation Into Flow and The Quantum Leap Coach System.
Book your 60 minute call or simply drop me an email.